Data Reveal

Expression tools reveal the geology in your data ensuring geological accuracy in your interpretation. Techniques including High Definition frequency decomposition & multi-attribute structural and stratigraphic analysis give detailed geological understanding.

Structural Imaging. Image courtesy of GeoTeric®

 Structural Imaging

High resolution outputs from enhanced seismic data assist you to obtain high quality of structural images of your fault system, through the multi-attribute analysis and fault detection process.


Stratigraphic Imaging

Stratigraphic imaging is a fundamental portion of Q-Spectrum Solutions. Stratigraphic features can be highlighted through the combination or blend of three representative seismic frequency values not only showing different thickness of layers for channels, deltas, karsts, etc., but also helps to understand variations in fluid content and porosity.

Stratigraphic Imaging. Image courtesy of GeoTeric®


Spectral Decomposition. Source: Service Brochure by Lumina Geophysical, LLC

Spectral Decomposition

Spectral Decomposition reveals stratigraphic and structural details. Four spectral decomposition methods, including 2 best-in-class methods, provide results that empower the interpretation with higher resolution.


Higher resolution reservoir characterization from the outstanding event localization of PSSD and CLSSA both in time and frequency domains.


Areas of interest such as bright spots or faults, can be achieved with superior characterization by the application of multiple spectral attributes.


Phase Decomposition

Phase decomposition allows you to decompose your seismic data into unique phase components, producing remarkable phase attributes that can highlight features and provide information not visible on standard seismic traces such as thin beds and bright spots.


An excellent Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator, phase decomposition is a unique process only available from Lumina. Improve thin layer interpretation and dramatically highlight anomalies that otherwise it would be difficult to detect accurately in the seismic.

Phase Decomposition. Source: Service Brochure by Lumina Geophysical, LLC

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