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Data Conditioning Workflows

Q-Spectrum data conditioning workflows, give you faster, higher confidence horizon interpretation, easier fault interpretation, more reliable attribute analysis and clearer visibility of subtle features.


Survey Planning and Design 

Feasibility studies in seismic acquisition design for 2D, 3D, 4D, VSP, Microseismic and marine seismic program ensuring that all quality parameters meet geophysical objectives. Our workflows utilize a multitude of advanced modeling techniques which can be used in complicated geological areas or unconventional resource plays.

Over 25 years of experience and nearly 5000 seismic programs designs confirms a vast experience that provides a unique perspective that is applied to every program we are involved in.

Survey Planning and Design. Image courtesy of thegeoscienceforum.blogspot.ca/3D Seismic Survey Designing & its impacts on Data Acquisition.


Data Analysis and Processing. Source: Service Brochure by Lumina Geophysical, LLC

Data Analysis and Processing 

Processing projects are from simple Re-processes with little structural and/or stratigraphic complexity to advanced processes in zones of high geologic complexity, including PSTM and PSDM workflows for onshore and offshore.


Noise Cancellation

Innovative pre and post stack noise cancellation algorithms allow you to remove random and coherent noise from the seismic data. All filters are amplitude and AVO responsive conserving variations for edges or discontinuities. At the end, improved structural or stratigraphic details will be obtained, as well as upgraded inversion of elastic attributes bring optimum and accurate results predicting better your reservoir properties.

Noise Cancellation. Image courtesy of GeoTeric®


Spectral Enhancement. Image courtesy of GeoTeric® Website Blog. (Thin Bed Workflow: Part I. Frequency Based Analysis).

Spectral Enhancement

The spectral enhancement workflow improves vertical resolution by the bandwidth extension. Several frequency bands are harmonized in order to increase the spectrum and obtain as a result a detailed stratigraphic and structural seismic image.


This improved detail opens the road for a better understanding of your reservoir character and highlights potential thin reservoirs that might otherwise have been undetected or overlooked.


Enhance double or more the vertical resolution of both Pre-Stack and Post-Stack data. Can also be used in Exploration and situations with little or no well control.

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